Dental Care Tips for Seniors- What You Need to Know

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Dental Care Tips for Seniors- What You Need to Know

Aging is unavoidable; it is part of living and is a sign that we are in fact alive. It is going to happen to each and every person eventually. There are a number of key dental care tips for seniors that they need to know and implement in order to preserve their teeth and maintain optimal dental health. Dental cleanings and care will go a long way but additional care and attention are needed as we age. Here are a few tips we here at Forest City Dental provide to all of our patients in Rockford, IL to help ensure dental health is preserved:

Routine Daily Dental Care

Taking care of your natural teeth is the easiest way to avoid future problems and daily brushing and flossing is a must. It is also even more important to keep all routine dental cleanings and checks with your dental team as you get older because teeth weaken and will be more prone to issues as you age. Professional dental cleanings and care are what we provide to all of our patients here at Forest City Dental; come see for yourself why we are the name people trust for dental care.

dental care tips for seniorsGum Disease Dangers

Gum disease and periodontal disease are something everyone has to be mindful of and take steps to prevent, but the elderly are even more prone to issues. This is because their teeth are often weaker and more susceptible to the bacteria buildup that causes gum disease. The condition can be made worse by:

  • Particles of food and fluid sticking to the teeth after meals
  • The use of either smoking or chewing tobacco products
  • Unhealthy diets that are deficient in key vitamins and minerals
  • Health conditions- anemia, cancer, halitosis, blood disorders, and diabetes

dental care tipsRoot Decay and Tooth Death

Tooth roots are what keeps the teeth alive and they can become infected when gum disease and other dental concerns are left untreated. If tooth root issues are left untreated, the roots will die which can lead to total tooth death and the eventual loss of the tooth. This opens the door for shifting teeth and misaligned bites as well as more pockets of infections spreading through the gums. Our team of dental experts offers proven dental care tips for seniors to help them protect their teeth and delay the effects of tooth death.

Stained/Discolored Teeth

The final dental problem that is of the biggest concern for seniors as they age is the darkening of teeth. Natural teeth are made of white dentine material which is porous and easily absorbs materials from the food and drinks we put in our mouths. Routine dental cleanings and care from a skilled dental team can help seniors fight the effects of staining and discoloration and keep smiles looking great year after year.

If you are looking for more dental care tips for seniors contact Forest City Dental today for an appointment and for the best in dental cleanings and care available from a Rockford, IL dental team!

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