What You Should Know About Invisalign Braces

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What You Should Know About Invisalign Braces

It seems like just about everyone has heard about the new dental craze that is changing the way we look at braces and teeth-straightening. Invisalign prosthetics are promising to be a revolutionary new way to deal with crooked and misaligned teeth without the embarrassment of traditional metal braces. However, there are some downsides to these devices and things you need to know about before you jump in and decide to give them a go. Education is key to making the best decision and here at Forest City Dental, we offer Invisalign braces and also provide in-depth consultations beforehand where we discuss these important things that everyone needs to know before they try Invisalign.

You will be in pain. 

There is one thing that will happen when you first get Invisalign braces that unfortunately cannot be avoided, though you can do things to reduce the length and severity of this- pain. Most patients report pain and discomfort when the prosthetics are first fitted. Some report mouth sores and raw spots on their gums, cheeks, and tongue until they got used to the devices. Others report aches and pains in their teeth as the slow shifting process begins. In most cases, by the end of the first few weeks, these issues have been resolved and the mouth begins to adjust and the pain returns usually only when new brackets and retainers are places every 2-3 weeks.

invisalign braces You will have a lisp. 

Many people develop a temporary lisp as a result of the tray and the braces. The tongue has to get used to being in a slightly new position and a new sensation with the teeth and as a result, talking can be a little difficult at first. This can cause some embarrassment, but usually only takes a few days to a week or two to adjust and then the lisp is gone.

You have to wear them. 

Your dentist will likely tell you in no uncertain terms that Invisalign would only work if you wear them. In most cases, it is recommended you wear your Invisalign braces at least 18-20 hours a day if possible. Some people find it hard to sleep with the device in place so if you do not wear it at night you must wear it at all day long while you are awake. Otherwise, you will not get the full benefits, your results will not be as good, and it can take a lot longer to achieve straighter teeth.

clear Invisalign braces

You will be a slave to the clock. 

Remember you only have 4-6 hours a day most often to go without your Invisalign braces. This time can fly by. If you are wearing your braces at night you still need to be mindful of the time you are spending during the day without your retainer. You will need to take it out when you eat and for brushing and cleaning so it is important to remember to put it back on once you are done so you can get the maximum benefit.

You will carry a toothbrush everywhere. 

Every time you eat, the Invisalign braces have to be removed and before you put the tray back in your mouth you have to brush your teeth. It is best to keep a travel toothbrush with you so you can easily brush after dinner out with family or after lunch before heading back to work at the office or heading to your next class at school. Brushing before placing it back in place is essential because you do not want to trap food particles against your teeth and gums all day and cause decay to set in. So brushing after every meal is a must.

healthy smiles You will get grossed out.

Even our patients who are religious about brushing their teeth in between meals and who are so good with their oral hygiene will still find a point and time where their trays and retainers gross them out.  The Invisalign braces will inevitably get discolored and sometimes a little smelly before it is time to switch to the next set in your progression. To prevent this, you can use denture creams, baking soda, vinegar, and mild soap to clean them on a regular basis. However, despite their best efforts and care, many individuals will find their trays get a bit funky at times. Your dental care team can help you find ways to address these issues and can help you keep your tray and retainer as clean as possible.

You will get lazy as time goes on

After a few months of the process and after starting off so religious committed to your brushing and wearing routine, you’ll start to slack on how many hours you wear your Invisalign braces and how well you take care of them. It is natural and normal to lapse a now and then but it is important to never go a full day or longer without wearing your tray, especially at the beginning, because your teeth can quickly start to shift back out of alignment.

get straight teeth You will question why you did it.

As with any major commitment, there will come a time where you will wonder if all the hassle and sacrifice and work is worth it. You may think going with Invisalign braces was a mistake. We have talked with many patients who feel this way when they are tired of the process. However, it is important to remember what the ultimate goal is and why you wanted to try Invisalign in the first place.  Healthier, nicer, straighter teeth can be yours, but you have to put in the time and effort. Our dental team can help encourage you through these times and can help you stay on track.

If after reading this you’re thinking that Invisalign sounds like a lot of work, you’re right. But the results speak for themselves and almost every single patient here at Forest City Dental who has used Invisalign braces has been thrilled with their end results. Even those who were not thrilled with the process and the work involved, love the final results. Many also say they would still do it again to have a healthy and beautiful smile. It’s also way better than traditional braces and is still much better than a lot of intensive and expensive dental work down the road. To learn more about the new dental revolution that is Invisalign, and to find out how you can get your own Invisalign braces, contact the Forest City Dental team today!

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