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Teeth Whitening- Professional Help Getting White Teeth

Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants the white teeth that provide an attractive smile. Unfortunately, though, not everyone simply has such teeth naturally. For those who don’t, teeth whitening provides a solution.

Why Some People Need Help Getting White Teeth

Over time, teeth can become discolored due to smoking or drinking coffee, tea, red wine, or soda. Even if a person avoids all of these, simply getting older can rob teeth of their luster. To get white teeth, professional intervention and care are needed.

Regardless of the cause, discolored teeth can undermine an individual’s self-confidence and even make him or her reluctant to smile, speak, or eat in public at all. So it’s natural for people of turn to teeth whitening for a remedy.

Given that everyone likes to save money, it’s also natural that many people look first to over-the-counter teeth whitener as the cheaper alternative. But there are drawbacks to using that sort of teeth bleaching instead of professional teeth whitening.

Problems with Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening

Teeth-whitening strips, perhaps the commonest form of over-the-counter teeth bleaching product, only work well on straight teeth. When teeth are even slightly slanted or crooked, the product may not reach all parts of a tooth. The result is uneven coloration and the white teeth can be two-toned.

Similarly, because the over-the-counter teeth whitening product is not prescribed for a specific individual, there’s no guarantee that the resulting color will be exactly what that individual was hoping for. He or she may also experience sensitivity and discomfort while the process is underway.

Additionally, over-the-counter whitening takes a significant amount of time to work. Typically, it takes one to two weeks before people start to see results.

Finally, over-the-counter teeth whiteners are classified as cosmetic products, not pharmaceutical ones. That means there aren’t the same kinds of industry regulations to protect consumers.

Given all the drawbacks, people who want whiter teeth are well advised to consider professional teeth whitening instead. The latter provides a number of advantages.

Advantages of Professional Teeth Whitening

As a trained professional, a dentist will conduct an examination, determine the degree of discoloration, and match the strength of the teeth-whitening agent to the individual patient’s needs.

The dentist will also employ a remineralization process, or comparable treatment, to control sensitivity both during the teeth-whitening procedure and afterward. If there is any discomfort, the dentist is right there to deal with the problem immediately.

Results, moreover, are attained more quickly. Patients generally find they have white teeth again after only a single appointment.

Given the relative merits and drawbacks of the two options, turning to a Rockford, IL dentist for teeth whitening only makes sense.

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