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General Dentistry Care From Local Rockford Dentists

Forest City Dental is a full-service Rockford IL dental practice providing you and your entire family with preventative, reconstructive, and cosmetic dental services. If you need local Rockford dentists that you can count on, we are here to help with many superior general dental care services. No matter how old or young you are or what dental challenges you may be facing, our team of dental care experts can help you get the smile you deserve.

The Forest City Dental Difference 

When it comes to finding the best local Rockford dentists, our services set us apart from the rest:

General Cleanings

The single most important aspect of dental care today is keeping up with dental cleanings and keeping your teeth and gums and clean as possible. You can do a lot with your day to day brushing and flossing, but your dentist can help with routine dental cleanings. All that scraping and brushing and prodding your dentist does isn’t just for fun. They are removing hard tartar deposits and plaque from the gums- something that is difficult if not impossible to do at home on your own. So this is why you must stay up with daily dental care. You also cannot get by without the help your dental team can provide with local Rockford dentists and dental care specialists.


One of the most commonly performed dental procedures is dealing with tooth decay. When a cavity develops, it eats away at the enamel and pulp of the tooth. This can lead to pain and sensitivity and if it is left unaddressed, the entire tooth can eventually die and be lost. A filling is an easy way to keep the remaining tooth structure secure. The damaged tissue is removed and the hole is filled with a bonding material that seals the tooth and prevents further decay from occurring. Traditional fillings were made of metal and had small amounts of mercury, but today your local Rockford dentist team at Forest City Dental has safe and effective options for you.


Here at Forest City Dental, we proudly serve residents of Rockford and the surrounding areas. We have helped many overcome their dental issues and get the healthy and beautiful smile they have always wanted. However, at times there is nothing that can be done to save a tooth. Now and then, despite the best efforts of our team, a tooth needs to be extracted in order to protect the rest of the teeth and gums. When this need arises, our team gets to work to address the issue at hand with as little discomfort and inconvenience as possible. Once an extraction is done, your local Rockford dentists can help restore the health and beauty of your smile with our local Rockford dentists services.

tooth and gum care


Over time, our teeth can start to age and show signs of damage. Teeth can get worn down, discolored, chipped, broken, or otherwise damaged so they do not look as good as they once did. Here at Forest City Dental, many of our older patients come to us with concerns about how their teeth look. One of the dental care services that get the most attention from our patients is crowns. A crown is a synthetic cap made of strong composite materials that look and feels like a natural tooth. This is placed over damaged and unsightly teeth to restore a healthy and clean look. Dental crowns look, feel, and function like your real teeth and can last for years and restore a healthy looking smile easily.


Dentures can be used by anyone who has lost a significant number of teeth and the dental prosthetic can serve as a way of restoring those lost teeth. You can have a full denture which replaces all the top teeth or bottom teeth, or you can have a partial which replaces a set of teeth all in a row. While most people associated dentures with older individuals, anyone who has experienced significant dental problems and a significant or complete loss of their teeth can benefit from denture appliances. Many great advances have made dentures easier to get, more affordable, and more comfortable -thus enhancing the lives of many thanks to local Rockford dentists like us.


When a tooth is missing, whether from intentional extraction or accidental loss, the hole that it leaves behind poses a problem. It allows food and bacteria to get into the gums where infection can set it. Without a tooth anchored into the bone, the jawbone in that area can weaken. And with no tooth in that spot, neighboring teeth can start to shift out of place. Using a dental implant is an easy way to fill the hole to protect your teeth and gums. These implants are made to look and function like normal teeth and when done by a skilled local Rockford dentists team, most people cannot tell whether you have an implant or not.


Just like how dentures are commonly thought of as something for older people, braces are often seen as something teenagers and younger children need. However, this is not always the case. Anyone who has crooked and misaligned teeth could benefit from braces. Thanks to new advances in dental technology, old metal braces are on the way out and newer options are now available. Invisalign braces are clear and less painful because there are no wires and brackets to worry about. Our local Rockford dentists can help determine what type of braces are right for you and will be able to guide your teeth back into a healthy and beautiful smile in no time at all.

dental care

Sleep Prosthetics

Many people are surprised to learn that their local Rockford dentist can help them sleep better at nights. There are two main sleep disorders that can be alleviated or at the very least improved with dental sleep prosthetics- sleep apnea and teeth grinding. Sleep apnea occurs when the airways are blocked and breathing stops. This most often is caused by the poor position of the jaw and tongue during sleep and a simple prosthetic can be worn at night to keep things aligned properly. Teeth grinding can also be reduced by wearing a prosthetic that is much like a mouthguard and serves to keep the back teeth from grinding during sleep.


Dental veneers are another great way to improve the appearance of teeth that have become worn or damaged over time. Rather than making full crowns to cover the entire tooth, a veneer focuses on the visible part of the tooth. Most are commonly made of porcelain and are thin tooth shaped and colored molds that attach to the front face of the tooth. They are an easy way to cover minor issues like chips and discolorations. They are attached to the teeth with bonding material and generally last 5+ years if they are properly maintained and cared for. The local Rockford dentists at Forest City Dental has years of experience with all types of veneers.


One of the more common questions we get asked by our patients is whether or not they can use at home teeth whitening kits to brighten their smiles. The answer is yes you can whiten your teeth at home but it is not recommended for several reasons. One, there is no way to ensure an even and uniform result due to application error. Two, there is a very high chance of damaging your teeth and gums with at home whitening kits. And three, you often end up wasting time and money trying to do at home teeth whitening. Your local Rockford dentists are who you should trust to help you get a brighter and healthier smile.

Gum Care

Far too many people overlook their gums and don’t really give them much thought, that is until they start bleeding and hurting. The truth is that your gums are very important to overall oral health and wellbeing. They help secure your teeth in place and serve as the primary line of defense against bacterial infections. When the gums are injured or infection starts to set in, it leads to a condition known as periodontist or gum disease. Here at Forest City Dental, we have years of experience dealing with all stages of gum disease. Whatever your needs are we can help you get back the healthy beautiful smile that you once had.

Root Canals

When damage is left untreated, it can often lead to the death or the tooth. When the root of the tooth dies, it is no longer securely anchored into the jaw and it will begin to rot away and lead to infection and major dental problems. A root canal can help save your tooth and avoid all the nasty unpleasantries associated with tooth root infections. Our local Rockford dentist’s team of experts can answer any questions you may have and can help you determine if a root canal is the right course of action for you. It is always best to try and save a tooth if at all possible and a root canal may be just the thing you need to protect your teeth.

At Home Care

The final step in taking care of your smile is to continue with good oral care practices at home under the guidance of your dental team. You see your local Rockford dentist one or two times a year usually, so the bulk of the oral hygiene care will fall on your shoulders. Brushing and flossing is a must and you should do both at least twice a day- in the morning and at night before bed. You also need to make good lifestyle choices and be smart with what you do and with your teeth. Limit sugary foods and drinks and stop bad habits like biting your nails or chewing ice. Break the tobacco habit and limit alcohol consumption as well. Ultimately, much of your dental health will depend on you.

Contact Us For an Appointment

When you need general dental care for you and your family, you need the support and guidance of a local Rockford dentist. Here at Forest City Dental, we have decades of experience and are focused on continued training. Using the newest advances in technology and dental treatments and procedures, we have helped many families just like yours get the healthy beautiful smiles that they want and deserve. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation appointment and to see for yourself how easy it is to get and keep a beautiful smile. We are ready to go to work for you so call us today and get started on the path to better dental health!


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