Fun Facts About Smiling and Laughing

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Fun Facts About Smiling and Laughing

When we have a beautiful set of teeth we can’t help but smile, but even if your teeth are the best that they could be, you can still greatly benefit from smiling and laughing. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually you can help yourself be happier and healthier with a smile. Here are a just a few reasons why smiling and laughing are good for you:

Improved Mood, Increased Relaxation

When you are in a bad mood, no one wants to be around you and you don’t want to be around anyone else, but how can you break this cycle? A small giggle can help trick your brain into feeling happier. Even if you have to fake it or force it, smiling and laughing are good for you and can really help you feel better and that can help you stay healthier too! It is worth giving a try today.

Smiling and laughing

You Become More Approachable

Smiles attract people while frowns chase them away. When you smile you are more approachable and more likely to interact with people. The more you can socialize the happier you will be since humans are hardwired to be social animals. It’s a cycle that’s worth getting into and it is one that can affect your overall health and success in many areas of life.

You Are More Productive

The more productive you are, the happier you’ll be and vice versa. Even if your office isn’t the best and your coworkers are a bit annoying you can make your work more enjoyable and make yourself a better and more productive employee by having a good attitude. Smiling and laughing helps with this and it is also contagious and can spread to others in the office too!

Physical Health Benefits

Beyond mental health, smiling and laughing is good for you in a number of other ways as well. Studies have shown smiling can fight depression, fight anxiety and enhance positive thoughts. Laughing can have the same effect as meditation and can also help lower blood pressure. Many other benefits are associated with joy and relaxation and positive thinking and they are yours to discover!

fun-facts-about-smiling-and-laughingThe Best Perk of All… 

Smiling and laughing is good for you and beyond the scientific and physical effects, one of the best benefits is that it makes you feel good. Doing the things we like to do makes us feel good so if you wish you could smile and laugh more, but are ashamed of how your teeth look, it is time to get serious about your dental health and benefit fully from your smile!

Keep Smiling and Laughing

Let us help you get the smile you want and need- call today for a consultation appointment! We know that smiling and laughing is good for us and can carry many physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual benefits, so don’t waste another day. Call today for your appointment and enjoy a healthy smile and all the benefits that come with it! We here at Forest City Dental are committed to doing everything we can to give each and every single one of our patients that perfect smile they can’t help but show the world. You smile and laugh more when your teeth look nice and your mouth doesn’t hurt- so let us help you enjoy your smile a little more.  Call for more information about how we can keep you smiling and laughing for years to come!

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