Taking Care of Your Teeth During the Holiday Season

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Taking Care of Your Teeth During the Holiday Season

It is always important to take care of your teeth and gums. There are countless studies shown that there is a strong connection between dental health and overall oral health and wellness. We know it is important to brush and floss and take care of our teeth and gums, but this is especially true during the holidays. Whether it is the Fourth of July with all the burgers and hotdogs, Thanksgiving with more food than an army could eat, Christmas with sweet treats as far as the eye can see, or any other special occasion, holidays can spell big problems for dental health.  Here at Forest City Dental, we offer many dental care tips for the holidays.

Importance of Keeping Teeth and Gums Healthy

Keeping up with normal dental care habits is important during the holidays. Our local dental care team can help you keep up with these handy tips for holiday dental care. We pride ourselves on being the best dental care teams in Rockford IL. Whether you are five or 105, our team of dental care experts can help you get there the holidays. No matter who you are or what dental issues you may be facing, we are here to help you with these important dental care tips for the holidays. If you have questions about general oral health or dental wellness, we are here to help you now and every other day.

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Dental Care Tips for the Holidays

  • Brush after every time you eat- we always recommend that you take time to brush after you eat anything. This is important because it is a chance to remove food particles from your teeth and gums. This reduces the opportunity for plaque to develop and cavities to set in. If you cannot brush then at the very least you should rinse with water after eating.
  • Avoid sweet foods when possible- yes, we know it is easier said than done. The holidays come with many delicious foods to tempt us, the most powerful being the sweet treats and desserts. These can seriously damage teeth now and down the road. This is why it is always best to limit your intake on them and avoid them as much as you possibly can.
  • Maintain a normal schedule- it can be very difficult during the holidays to follow a normal routine or any sort of routine at all. However, if you can, it is best to do so. Oral care is a habit, and when you break from a normal routine those habits tend to fly out the window. So, stay on track and set a schedule for your dental care during the holiday.
  • Plan for dental emergencies- holidays are a time we want to forget the real world and enjoy time with family and friends. No one’s idea of a good holiday is sitting in the ER or dental emergency clinic with a broken tooth or loose crown. We don’t want things to get in the way of a holiday, but we must know where to go if something does go wrong.
  • Avoid all day snacking and nibbling- the key to reducing your chance for tooth decay during the holiday is to reduce the time that acids and sugars sit on your teeth. Snacking all day long gives plaque an opportunity to work against your teeth enamel all day long. If you eat one or two times and follow with a brushing, you reduce the opportunity for decay.
  • Stay well hydrated- it is always important to drink lots of water but this is especially! Many holiday meals are full of rich sweet dishes. Staying hydrated helps to improve your saliva flow and wash away debris. It is important to drink mostly water to stay hydrated and limit sweet soda and juice and also limit alcohol intake as well.
  • Protect your teeth- some holidays involve more than just sitting around eating and visiting with friends and family. Many holidays involved games and outdoor activities like football and badminton. It is important to protect your teeth against impact injury by wearing a mouthguard and being mindful of all activities you engage in.

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Prepare- Make an Appointment

The holidays are always hectic times and there is a lot that is vying for your time and attention.  Don’t let your oral health and wellbeing suffer because of it.  Let us help keep your smile looking great for the celebrations ahead by coming in ahead of the celebrations for some TLC.  Holiday meals are delicious to eat; however, they can be tough on your teeth. Our team can help you take care of your teeth all year long. And after your holiday season is passed, make sure you make time to make it to your scheduled cleaning and checkup. A post-holiday cleaning is an excellent way to be sure that you are being proactive about cavities and other dental issues.  Anytime you need a little guidance, have questions, or encounter a dental issue during the holidays, we are just a phone call away. We will do everything in our power to take care of you and your family during your holiday celebrations. These dental care tips for the holidays are a great way to keep smiling all year long so come and see us today to see what the Forest City Dental team can do for you!

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