The Most Common Dental Problems

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The Most Common Dental Problems

Our teeth are very important to our overall health and wellbeing. Many studies have shown that oral health and closely and directly connected to our general health and wellbeing. So, when we take care of our teeth we are helping to keep our bodies healthy and strong in many ways. The first step to defeating an adversary is to know them and understand them. Here at Forest City Dental, we help our patients with a wide range of dental issues. Because of this, we wanted to touch lightly on the most common dental problems that our patients come to us for :

Common Dental Problems Seen in Our Office

       Toothaches- the most common issues with teeth is, that while they are made to be strong and take a lot of abuse, when something goes wrong it can cause major problems- and pain. From small chips to worn down enamel there are many things that can lead to a toothache. Sugary film coating the teeth can make them sensitive and cause pain. Food stuck between the teeth can irritate the tooth and gums and lead to pain. And even the type of toothpaste we use can affect our teeth and gums in a way that may make them more sensitive and prone to toothaches and pain.

      bad breath Bad Breath- another high-ranking issue on the list of common dental problems we see, bad breath is something just about everyone will deal with at some point. There are many things that can cause bad breath. Temporary and short-lived bad breath can be caused by the food we eat or medications we are taking. Long lasting and recurring bad breath may be a sign of a more serious issue like oral cancer, other health problems, gum disease, or other problem that needs to be addressed. For most of our patients, good dental hygiene and care is enough to remedy their bad breath problems.

       Tooth Decay- just about everyone over the age of 20 will have some sort of tooth decay. Whether it is a minor decay of the surface enamel or major decay that rots away entire teeth, this is another one of the common dental problems we first see in many of our patients here at Forest City Dental. Decay will often start small with little to no symptoms but it can quickly grow and spread until it is a major dental issue. Oftentimes, by the time pain and other symptoms are noticed the decay has reached high levels and invasive treatments are needed to save the tooth or prevent the decay from spreading.

        Periodontal Disease- also known as gum disease, this is one of the most serious of the common dental problems that dentists across the country see on a regular basis. Gum disease occurs when bacteria are allowed to grow on the surface of your teeth and gums. Infect can set in and when it gets into the gums it damages the tissue. This results in swollen tender gums that hurt and bleed easily. In advanced cases, the infection spreads deeper and the gums loose tissue and pull away from the teeth, exposing the roots. Severe infections can lead to tooth loss and can spread to other areas of the body!

       Oral Cancer– cancer is always scary and oral cancer is one of the lesser known and less thought of forms of cancer. Oral cancer is any cancer that affects the lips, mouth, cheeks, tongue, and throat. Unlike most cancers, there are many risk factors that you can avoid to reduce your chances of being diagnosed. Protect your lips from the sun and don’t let them get too cold in the winter either. Never use tobacco products, including chew or smokes. And make sure you keep all scheduled dental appointments and checkups so your dental team can check for early warning signs of possible problems.

       Mouth Sores- we all have likely experienced some type of mouth sore. Canker sores, cold sores, places where we’ve accidentally bitten ourselves while eating…. They are a real pain. While some cases of mouth sores cannot be avoided, there are things you can do to minimize the pain, speed up healing, and reduce chances of infection. It may hurt but brushing an area gently is better than skipping the brushing entirely. Talk to your dentist if the sores are caused by prosthetics like dentures or braces. They offer tips and ideas on how to minimize your discomfort and correct any problems that may exist.

       Tooth Erosion– one of the common dental problems we see in our office is something most people never even think about, and that is tooth erosion. Just as the soil gets eroded by time and the elements so too can your teeth get worn down over time. You slowly lose tooth mass and material as you chew and eat and talk day after day for decades upon decades. Over time it can get so bad that the tooth is weakened or becomes damaged. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your teeth and our dental experts can help you find the treatments and prosthetics that will help reverse the effects of tooth erosion.

       Tooth Sensitivity- a common cause of tooth pain is sensitivity- being overly sensitive to hot and cold and other stimuli. Some people with sensitive teeth have trouble eating foods that are overly hot or drinking things with ice. Some types of food can also cause pain- sweets, certain spices, carbohydrates and more. The best way to deal with tooth sensitivity is to strengthen the enamel of the teeth as well as trying to avoid the things that trigger the pain responses. Your dental team can help you treat sensitive teeth and find ways to live with it and keep your teeth healthy and strong.

       Prosthetics- there are many types of dental prosthetics that are commonly used to treat a range of issues and concerns. Braces, bridges, dentures, and veneers are some of the appliances used to treat the common dental problems seen in dental offices today. Many of these prosthetic devices are custom made to fit your mouth and are made from molds taken of the teeth and gums. These devices help to protect teeth, restore proper alignment, and keep teeth looking healthy and strong.  Talk to your dental care team today about the dental appliances that are available to help improve your quality of life.

      Dental hygiene for kids at the dentist Implants- every tooth is important, and when one is damaged or falls out, it can cause a ripple effect of problems that can spread throughout the mouth.  Implants are artificial teeth designed to fill the hole left when a tooth is lost. It is comprised of a metal post that anchors into the gums and then a cap on top that looks and feels like a real tooth. They are most commonly used to fill single holes left by a single missing tooth. The use of implants helps you avoid issues like shifting teeth, gum disease, bone loss, and pain or sensitivity. Implants are one of the most common dental procedures we perform today.

       Uneven Teeth-teeth perform several important functions. They allow us to bite and chew food so we can eat and they allow us to talk and communicate easily. When teeth are uneven, crooked, or misaligned in the mouth, it can cause problems that make life much harder. It can be difficult to eat properly and speech can also be affected. There are several ways to go about correcting uneven or crooked teeth depending on how severe it is and what your lifestyle is like. Unsightly teeth can also cause stress and embarrassment and many people seek help because of this.

       Broken Teeth– one question we get asked the most by new patients is whether they really need to take care of their broken teeth or if they can just be left as is. There are several problems with just leaving broken teeth be ad not getting them taken care of. Even if there is no pain, a broken tooth is like a wound in the skin- it exposes sensitive nerves and tissues. It also provides an easy way for bacteria to get in and infection to develop. If the infection gets too bad it can spread to other areas of the mouth and can also spread throughout the body where it causes major problems. So broken teeth must be dealt with.

       Missing Teeth- more than half of the population today has at least one missing tooth right now and by the age of 65, nearly three-quarters of the population will be missing some or all of their teeth. Teeth can fall out due to injury, illness, disease, or lack of good oral care. Missing teeth are a welcome mat for germs, bacteria, and infection. This is why we always do everything we can do to save your teeth and keep them as healthy as possible. Missing teeth cannot be ignored and need to be dealt with as soon as possible so more problems do not develop.

       Dental Reconstructions- if you or a loved one have been suffering from severe dental problems for a while and have been putting off getting it taken care of, now is the time to act. Whether you are suffering from severe gum disease or infections, missing or crooked teeth, or a combination of major dental problems, we can help. Full mouth restoration and dental reconstructions are becoming more common and many of our patients have found relief from their pain and are enjoying a higher quality of life. Severe dental issues can be taken care of with the right care and treatments.  

       Dental Emergencies- no dental problem is ever enjoyable and there is no such thing as a convenient time for dental issues to arise. However, when you are faced with a dental emergency, you need help now, not days or weeks down the road. Our dental team proudly provides services for dental emergencies with same or next day appointments available. We can help young patients and seniors alike. From broken teeth, impact injuries, lost teeth, and tooth pain, we are here to help you feel better and to take care of your teeth. Call us in your time of need and you will see why more people come to us for their dental needs big and small.

Contact Us Today

To get help with the common dental problems, contact us today. We offer consultation appointments to all of our new patients and we will work with you to develop the best plan of care and treatment for your unique needs. Call or message us now or come by and see us today to get started on the path to a healthier mouth, and more beautiful smile, and a happier you. Take the first step today and see how easy dental care can be with the Forest City Dental team taking care of your common dental problems.


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