The Most Common Dental Problems

Our teeth are very important to our overall health and wellbeing. Many studies have shown that oral health and closely and directly connected to our general health and wellbeing. So, when we take care of our teeth we are helping to keep our bodies healthy and strong in many ways. The first step to defeating [...]

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Teeth Whitening- Professional Help Getting White Teeth

Teeth Whitening Everyone wants the white teeth that provide an attractive smile. Unfortunately, though, not everyone simply has such teeth naturally. For those who don’t, teeth whitening provides a solution. Why Some People Need Help Getting White Teeth Over time, teeth can become discolored due to smoking or drinking coffee, tea, red wine, or soda. [...]

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Dental Hygiene for Children in Rockford IL

Dental Hygiene for Children It’s important for parents, aided by dentists, teachers, and other caregivers, to teach proper dental hygiene for children. The goal is to teach lifelong effective habits that will not only minimize dental problems but promote good general health as well. Good dental hygiene for children (or anyone, really) looks like this: [...]

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We Can Help Children Overcome Their Fear of the Dentist

Dental care is an essential part of maintaining overall health and well-being, and good dental care must start as soon as teeth appear. This means that by the age of one to two, dental practices should already be a routine for baby and parents. As the child grows, they will need to start seeing a [...]

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Dental Care Tips for Seniors- What You Need to Know

Aging is unavoidable; it is part of living and is a sign that we are in fact alive. It is going to happen to each and every person eventually. There are a number of key dental care tips for seniors that they need to know and implement in order to preserve their teeth and [...]

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Forest City Dental Makes Dental Implants More Affordable

Few people would question the fact that implants offer some of the best options for people when it comes to their long-term tooth replacement needs. However, an equally well-known truth is that the cost of dental work in Rockford IL can be high and is often the one thing that keeps people from going through [...]

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Should I Get Veneers or Crowns?

At the Forest City Dental Clinic, our business is taking care of your smile and we can guide you along the way and help you deal with any dental issues that may arise. One of the biggest questions we get asked by our patients, deals with the whole debate of what is best- veneer vs. crown [...]

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Fun Facts About Smiling and Laughing

When we have a beautiful set of teeth we can’t help but smile, but even if your teeth are the best that they could be, you can still greatly benefit from smiling and laughing. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually you can help yourself be happier and healthier with a smile. Here are a just [...]

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Practice Good Dental Hygiene: Tips for Kids

Taking care of our teeth and gums is important, not just for good oral health but to protect overall health and wellness. Good dental habits have to start early in life and parents have a big responsibility to help their children learn how to take care of their teeth each and every day. As leading [...]

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